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The Privacy Barrier to the networked Economy

Imagine a world where everything is linked to the same electronic network and we are always identified. The drivers for Absolute Identification are so strong that we are making Privacy impossible without thinking of the consequences.

Much more troublesome is that we ignore to consequences to the economy and security. When we create more identified data we increae risk and thereby also fraud and abuse. This translates into a growing perception of risk which unavoidable reduce trust and increase what we can call the risk premium as part of transactions.

The growing Privacy Issue
  • 60-90% of individuals are concerned about abuse of personal information.
  • Online non-buyers express Privacy concerns as their main reason not to purchase online.
  • 2/3 of experienced internet users normally terminate interaction when asked for personal information.
  • The problem is growing as abuse is reported daily by media and still more people experience abuse.

The problem is more than just a human rights issue

  • Individuals are very concerned and respond defensively by preferring to surf anonymously avoiding registration.
  • Companies experience Privacy as the Barrier to get new customers and build Loyalty.
  • Adoption of new technologies and eCommerce oppurtunities are slow as individuals dis-trust and refuse to use services
Existing approaches are not going to change the trend
Enourmes ressources are poored into the support of building Trust for eCommerce with very little or no effect. When the real Privacy problem is a behaviour problem related to the sense of loss of control, building Trust based on promisses, expert statements and law is not enough. Consumers will still witness their Privacy being eliminated with very little they can do about it. They will continue to prefer to surf anonymously avoiding registration in order to retain control of personal information.

Unless we change this trend we are facing a No privacy Future and increasing resistance from individuals.

Make Privacy the default in the Networked Economy
... because the alternative is not an option!

Rather than thinking that more Trust reduce Privacy Concern, think that Real Privacy or rather Security that actually reduce risk will build Trust !