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Companies need individual profile information to customize services and build loyalty. Most companies consider themselves trustworthy and they probably are.

However Consumer behavior show that they apparently do not share this opinion - and this is what counts. Consistently across segments, countries etc. consumers report a strong concern about Privacy and fear of abuse. The consequences

  • Individuals prefer to surf anonymously avoiding registration.
  • When they register they are limiting profile details.
  • Loyalty Programs, Trust seals, Privacy Policies etc. are costly tools with little or no real effect.

Surveys call it the Trust or eConfidence barrier. The corporate response to the lack of Trust is more Brand building, advertising and other assumed "trust" builders - Privacy Policies, Permission marketing, Trust Seals etc.


The reality is that Privacy is the Barrier to Loyalty.

According to a US Survey 2/3 of experienced Internet users normally leaves a website when asked for personal information.
Privacy is already a source of increasing costs with poor effect. Many industries report churn (high level of customer defection) as a major problem.. One-to-One related investments in Customer Care, CRM and other loyalty-building solutions are rapidly increasing as loyalty is generally accepted to be the key to improving profitability and building competitive advantage versus competitors. The core problem about the One-to-One logic is that storing personal information builds dis-trust and strong barriers to loyalty.

Why accept a logic that clearly does not provide the answers?

Extend Permission Marketing to Privacy Marketing !
  • If "customer is King" - why not set customers free in exchange for personal information?
  • Reduce the Trust Barrier to Get new customers
  • Reduce the Privacy Barrier to build Loyalty through customization
  • Improve Customers care and Security
  • Reduce cost of marketing, fraud, security and customer care

Make Privacy the default in the Networked Economy
... because you cannot build trust without privacy !