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Privacy - the need for control

Whatever you think you know about Privacy and Trust - chances are that you need to reconsider. The following is only a small aspect of the security, communication and trade issues, we are dealing with in Trust Socio/Economics. But they represent some of the soft issues that very rarely is included in any analysis.

Privacy is not a question of Trust
Multiple surveys show repeatedly that lack of Trust is the core problem of the B2C ecommerce failure. What the surveys forget to do is to address the complex question - What is Trust and how does this relate to Privacy?

The most powerfull force on Earth is man's need for sense of Control.
Tom Peters

Privacy is about Control
The real Privacy problem is related to the sense of loss of control. It is about perception of risk or the reasonable fear that information provided voluntarily CAN be abused - if not now then eventually. It is closely related to freedom and so deeply integrated into our behaviour that we are often not concious about the privacy-aspects of our actions.

Security is NOT Privacy
The biggest mistake in present thinking is the myth that security will build trust. Security is addressing some kinds of trust problems but not the most important issues. The myth goes - to build trust we need security - to get security we need accountability - to get accountability we need identification.

Identification builds Trust? Why is this wrong?
Because identification transfer privacy control and the direct consequence is trust destruction. The core Privacy problem is not thirdparties listening - it is the information revealed voluntarily that eliminate Privacy and the core reason why we need new approaches to Security and Privacy - to have any of these.