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Stephan Jürgensen Engberg

Stephan J. Engberg is member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the EU ICT Security & Dependability Taskforce and as such involved in roadmapping and writting the Recommendations Report.

He is founder of Open Business Innovation and later Priway and the spin-off company RFIDsec based on the Open Business Innovation research project "Privacy Highway" focussing on ways to reconcile the security requirements in both ambient and integrated digital networks. RFIDsec is providing RFID microsoft with advanced built-in communication and access controls including the ability to remain silent and communicate without leaking identifiers. Priway is partner in a IST IP project HYDRA on Networked Embedded Systems and has been involved in EU Security and Identity Roadmapping since pre-FP6 and a range of workshops and conferences such as Trust in the Net, SWAMI, Public Services Summit, NATO Advanced Research Workshop and the EU-US Summit on Cybertrust. Engberg holds an M.Sc. in Business Adminstration and Computer Science at Copenhagen Business School together with studying International Strategy at London Business School. He has been lecturing at Copenhagen Business School and the IT University for a number of years on Trust Socio/Economics and Context Security especially in mobile environments. He is dedicated to the work of designing Empowerment & Dependability into ICT systems for the purpose of balanced trustworthiness.

Stephan J. Engberg lectures and gives seminars in Security, Privacy and scalable eLoyalty at various graduate level courses at Copenhagen Business School, Danish IT-University, EU ICT Security Taskforce, for corporate customers and others such as the EU IST conference. He has been invited speaker at EU Smarttags Workshop, the Danish Hearing on Pervasive COmputing, the EU Technical Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies and invited to represent End-users at the OECD Global Forum on Information Security Roundtable.

He is the author of several publications, latest a scientific paper analysing and demonstrating the means to solve the serious problems related to security & privacy in pervasive computing based on Zero Knowledge Device Authentication as a generic solution to the central RFID security problems.

Prior to starting Open Business Innovation and Priway, he came from a position as Chief Management Consultant for CRM and eBusiness in TietoEnator focussing on eBusiness Strategy and innovative business models. His earlier experience consist of 9 years (1986-1995) in banking followed by a shift to entrepreneurship working 3 years (1995-1998) with a group of Optical experts to bring IBSEN Micro Structures specialising in Optical Telecommunication located at the Center for Advanced Technology at Risø (Danish National Research Institution) from the seed stage to the global market post second stage financing. This company was later sold to American ADC Telecommunications for 80 mUSD.

EU-US Summit Series on Cybertrust 2006-11-15 (PDF)
ID World on Electronic Passports 2006-11-29 (PDF)
NATO Advanced Research Workshop Jerusalem 2006-09-02
Workshop on Social Aspects on Cooperating Objects Technologies Berlin 2006-11-02
EU RFID Consultation 2006-05-16 (PDF)
From RFID to The Internet of things 2006-03-06 (PDF)
EU - TRUST in the Net Vienna 2006-02-09
Public Service Summit 2005-12-10
Newcastle Colloquium Series 2005-08-24
From Identification to Context Recognition presented at EU Security Taskforce Workshop 2005-04-19
RFIDSEC announced (english) 2005-04-13
RFIDSEC announced (danish) 2005-04-13
RFID security paper presented at PST2004
Representing End-users at OECD Global Forum on Information Security 2003-10-14
Teknologrådet: IT-privacy skal forbedres 2003-10-07 (danish PDF 184 Kb)
Danish Technology Board: IT-privacy must be improved 2003-11-04 (PDF 104 Kb)
Berlingske Business Profile 2003-03-24 (danish PDF 338 Kb)
Berlingske Erhverv Applications 2003-04-14 (danish PDF 428 Kb)