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See PRIWAY for Identity management & Managed Security Services.
RFIDsec for RFIDs with Empowerment & Security built-in.

Try win-win thinking

Building trust is difficult and trust is very fragile. What happen next time your security fails? Then consider these two different ways of approaching trust:

  • Writting policies that customer dont read and vasting money on PR while consumers see the increase in surveillance, data abuse and identity theft
  • Design your solutions to help customers manage and reduce their risk

Security focussing on Identification and policy means growing risks and decreasing trust. Ask in your marketing department - they know cost of personal data is growing.

Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought.
Albert Einstein

We need to see beyond the old thinking and start doing what helps your business. Customer and Personal data is a highly emotional and risk-generating area - how much business do you loose due to this? How would you meassure it? Fact is, you dont know because you cant know - except that it is substantial and growing. Start focussing on stakeholder risks. We need to start eliminating the sources of risk and distrust to make your processes work.

Sometimes the simple answer contain the truths we seek..
You can achieve all the benefits of the integrated networked economy. Security, business value, convenience and basic freedoms .. simultaneously! It's all about designing with the right frame of mind.

Try win-win thinking - You would go for it!

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Making Privacy Default
... because the alternative is not an option!