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About the Company

Open Business Innovation is based in Denmark. The company was founded by Stephan J. Engberg late 1999 based on inside knowledge working with strategies, solutions and technologies for Customer Relationship Management and eBusiness in a wide range of industries. Specialising on eLoyalty - the implications of present trends for Security and the growing Privacy Barrier for companies to build relationships with customers became increasingly clear.

We have been presenting a steady strem of advanced Security and Identity Mangement solutions based on Privacy Enhancing Technologies and design principles. The latest security breakthrough was eliminating the privacy and authenticity problems related to RFID, which we are now moving into production.

Open Business Innovation is member of EUs Network of Excellence of Privacy Experts. We participated in RAPID - Roadmap for Advanced Research in Privacy and Identity Management - working to define the agenda for privacy reaseach in EU and has now been invited to join the Strategic Advisory Board of SecurIST - EUs ICT Security & Dependability Task force.

Our task
Protecting Privacy and freedom is one of the most fundamental problems for prosperity facing us as we enter the Networked Information Society. We decided to make it our task to build Privacy and sustainable security into the future - to come up with the security solutions needed to get rid of this blocking paradox - the very basic idea that we should be entering an age where individual needs and rights are in so obvious opposition to society trends. A digital world without strong privacy is not sustainable - from an economical, political or individual perspective.

Our Vision
Making Privacy default
... because the alternative is not an option

Our Mission
Develop knowledge, services and solutions
to provide Individual Privacy Control, Accountability and Convenience
through enabling virtual identities
in order to empty the databases of the world for identified personal information
and fill them with the pseudonymous information
needed for security and trusted long-term relationships

The range and complexity of issues involved are making Privacy a problem that companies or individuals cannot handle by themselves. We are working with issues such as Security, Anonymity, Authentication, Identification, Biometrics, DRM, Trusted Computing, RFID, Digital Credentials, PKI, Convenience, Accountability, Reputation, Trust, Loyalty, CRM, EDI, EBPP etc. - but always dedicated to Security & Privacy. And always knowing that non-linkability is the essence of Security and Privacy.

We are a growing group of professionals from all relevant areas of competences building a company implementing ethically and commercially viable patent-pending Privacy Infrastructure Solutions aimed at putting individuals in control of their Information and helping companies provide increasing value in close relationships. Slowly, gradually, persistenly.

Working with you for better solutions.

Stephan J. Engberg